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VARBO CAPS TOOLS was founded in 2001 as a compression moulding closures manufacturer in Belgrade to operate in synergy with two already existing sister companies, one was a regional leader in PET preforms production in Serbia, the other a major plastic closure manufacturer In Algeria.

Having extensive experience of closures and PET preforms production, filling and blow molding, VARBO developed an additional activity offering technical support to companies serving the plastics and bottling industry.

VARBO introduced in 2006 its first sets of compression moulds for plastic closures. Since then, the company continued to provide the complete service to its clients including the supply of the new moulds of its own design.


Besides the production of plastic closures, each type specified in detail separately, the company developed additional products and services:

• complete set of new tools for compression molding ( SACMI CCM) machines for single piece and double piece plastic closures for PET and glass bottles, set of new tools for the machines for the gasket lining for double piece closures, sets of new tools for folding and slitting of tamper evidence bands
• modifications of existing closure compression moulds, conversion to lower weight, change of closure design using existing parts to reduce the cost and delivery time
• spare parts for all the tools and machines of the closure compression production line
• rotary closures printing line of its own design
• closures feeding systems
• key parts for HUSKY, HOFFSTETER and other PET perform injection moulds:  neck rings, cores, cavities, gate pads, lock rings, etc.
• modifications of existing injection moulds for PET preforms , conversion to lower weight, conversion of neck type from 1810 to 1881 etc.
• chucks for capping units
• reparation of various parts with laser micro welding , such as blow moulds, neck rings, cores, gate pads etc.

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