Our mission

Mission and Vision

VARBO d.o.o. company was founded with the general idea of becoming the leading manufacturer of plastic packaging in the area of food industry in the region of former Yugoslavia. As a first step, it has been decided to systematically develop the production of plastic caps for the PET bottles of the most common format (28mm), and later caps of bigger formats (30 and 38mm). When it was founded in May of 2001, VARBO had excellent initial base bearing in mind that it was the youngest member of the group of companies that have the vast area of knowledge and more than twenty years of experience in the field of bottling industry.

Further strategy of VARBO company comprises the following:

  • gaining leadership position in the manufacturing of one piece caps on the market of former Yugoslavia by increasing export, attracting new clients and doubling the existing capacity, • expanding assortment in the area of new caps of existing formats (28mm) as well as implementing caps of different formats – 30mm and 38mm and caps for edible oil, • continuous inspection and contribution to the innovation, new technologies and development in the field of bottling industry. • expanding assortment for creating spare parts and tools for the bottling industry.

Comparative advantages, in connection to the competition, are:

  • traditionally good relationship with business partners,
  • • competent and experienced staff,
  • • location in Jakovo, with optimal capacity for this type of business,
  • • workshop (tool shop) as part of the Maintenance department that is in charge of manufacturing spare parts, tools and utensils for the current equipment.